5 tips to make a healthy fruit juice

July 1st, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | Posted under Recipe, Wellness.

We all love to drink juice. But I am not sure whether many of us know how to make a healthy fruit juice. Many of us guess that fruit juice is always healthy. In this days fruits are also exposed to contamination. There are many small such thinks which will help you to make a healthy fruit juice.

1. Wash your fruits in running water for 2-3 minutes. Allow your fruits to be in water for 10-15 minitues before making juice. It help to remove any harmful pesticides in it.

2. Before making juice, remember to wash your juicer in a warm water.

3. Make sure to select fruits and vegetables which are in good condition. Even if there is small damages, try to cut of those parts and be sure there is no germs or worms inside the fruits.

4. Adding sugar to juice will make it unhealthy, always try to add honey.

5. Never make the juice in bulk and store it. Try to make juice whenever required , Storing the juice will reduce the health benefits.

Side note:
Mix-up a delicious batch of smoothies using your favorite fruits and a little bit of skim milk. Do not add smoothies with  sugar, instead try  honey,  other sweeteners that can add hundreds of calories – in other words, don’t eat smoothies from your favorite local restaurant or ice-cream shop and think that you’re eating healthy because you’re not.

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