Common symptoms and its causes – Health guide

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Our body is a wonderful instrument which has the ability to heal itself and give signals to you if you need to take any action. If you listen to those signals we can solve many of our health problems. These signals are called as symptoms. Since we are so careless we tend to ignore these symptoms and get in bigger trouble. It is always better to take a preventive measure, may be by going to your doctor or so. Lets move on. (more…)

Chronic fatigue – facts and remedies

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If you are feeling very tired all the time, then it is time to re-visit your lifestyle. There are many reasons for chronic fatigue. It could be lack of sleep, heat, busy schedule , low grade anemia etc. If you tried to change the lifestyle and still you feel tired then you may need to consult a doctor  and test for medical causes such as anemia, abnormal low or high thyroid issues etc. (more…)

Dental hygiene tips – keep away bad breath

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You can prevent your mouth from becoming a breeding ground for million bacteria and the health problems which may occur due to that. Here are the working oral health habits which you can follow on your daily routine. This brings in good health and smile on your face. (more…)

Stress and skin problems – acne, dandruff, Eczema

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It is been discussed about relation with stress and skin problems, there are many studies going on to prove this. Acne is very much related to stress. Cortisol triggers the sweat glands in your face to start churning out oil. When excess oil mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria, you will get pimple. This is the simple reason explains the relationship between stress and Acne or pimples. (more…)

Cardiovascular exercise tips – workout and tips to control your weight.

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Many of us are mistaken cardiovascular exercise as which can only be done in a Gym, but in real like cardiovascular exercise can be done from anywhere, any time. It is good to have a regular habit of doing cardiovascular exercise. I am also giving you some tips for this. (more…)

Pumkin seeds health benefits and importance

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Pumkin seed is one of the vegetable which is been rarely used , but it is having a lots of health benefits which are uncovered and unknown by many of us. When you realize the health benefits of pumkin seeks you probably may not throw it away but  you may buy it from shops. Pumkin seeds can be made ready to eat by just drying it in Sun shade and remove the outer cover. It can also be stored after drying it under sun. Pumkin seeds would remain without any problem for 3-6 months. (more…)

Harmful effects of air fresheners

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It is advised not using air fresheners, since they emit potentially harmful volatile chemicals, such as pinene and limonene, but don’t assume that green ones are any safer. Researchers from the university of Washington  tested eight popular air fresheners out that it six of them claim to be green and organic or contain essential oils. All the products whether sold as sprays, gels, solids or discs were found to release at least one chemical classified as toxic or hazardous and some emitted as many as eight. Moreover, some green claimed products emitted chemicals listed as probable carcinogens by the EPA for which there are no safe exposure levels. (more…)

Health benefits of Orange Juice – beauty tips , Importance

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Orange juice is the one of the main ingredient for most of the beauty products for your skin. Most of the cosmetic companies make use of orange extract. Orange can refresh tired eyes smooth skin and may help you in preventing  wrinkles over time. Orange’s zingy aroma can pep you up too. Orange juice has many nutrients and minerals in it. This result in improving your immune system. It contains folate which helps to increase growth of skin cells and blood cells. It also helps to lower the inflammation that is related to heart disease. (more…)

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Health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for your teeth and gum

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The omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that protect our heart is also proved to be good for our teeth and gums. A new study reports that relatively modest amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet associated with significant decrease in risk of gum disease. (more…)

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How To Get To Sleep Faster – Tips For Getting Better Sleep

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All of us take a little time to fall asleep after lying down in the bed. As age progresses, people face problems not only in falling asleep fast, but also in getting a better sleep. As a result, either they do get enough sleep or have a disturbed sleep. If not corrected on time, this situation may reach an alarming stage, ultimately leading to insomnia as well. Your active mind needs to effectively subside by the time night arrives, to make you feel relaxed and ready to fall asleep the moment you crash on your bed. An average person can fall asleep in 15 minutes. It if takes you any longer, read the article and get some valuable tips on how to get to sleep faster and better. (more…)