Common symptoms and its causes – Health guide

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Our body is a wonderful instrument which has the ability to heal itself and give signals to you if you need to take any action. If you listen to those signals we can solve many of our health problems. These signals are called as symptoms. Since we are so careless we tend to ignore these symptoms and get in bigger trouble. It is always better to take a preventive measure, may be by going to your doctor or so. Lets move on. (more…)

How to fight stress with breathing good and change in life styles

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Fighting stress is now a inevitable part of our life. There are always stress attached to our life. A man become successful when he manages the stress properly. Identify what is causing stress on you. Try to fight against it. Here are the few simple methods to handle stress. (more…)

Herbal remedies for Migraines – Butterbur health benefits

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Migraines are one of the bad health condition which irritates you with severe pain. If you are suffering from migraine headaches you may be still searching for an effective treatment or better searching for a preventive. Conventional medicines often fail to relieve the debilitating pain or head off new attacks, and many people turn to alternative complementary practices which includes herbal remedies. One herb that has some research results is butterbur root. a shrub like plant in the daisy family, native to Europe , north Africa and south west Asia. (more…)

How to manage your hunger with green tea and water

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Researchers have found that sipping green tea along with your meals gives you a good full feel. It helps you to eat less. Same is the case with drinking water before the meals. A group of researchers who compared the post-meal affects of green tea with plan water. (more…)

Health benefits of Paneer – cottage cheese

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Milk is considered to be a complete food, but if you have something which can give same benefits without drinking lots of milk. yes it is nothing but Paneer or cottage cheese. Paneer is again a complete food which gives you good protein for your body. Paneer is rich in protein and that is the reason why body builders add this in to their diet. A single serving that is half cup of paneer or cottage cheese has up to fifteen grams of protein, much of it in the form of casein, a slow digesting form of protein. (more…)

Nutrient value of dragon fruit – health benefits of pitahaya (pitaya)

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Dragon fruit is also known as pitahaya or pitaya , which is common in Asian countries especially in Chinese speaking countries. Dragon fruit can be consumed in dried form or as juice. It can also be a part of your cut fruits set. This attractive fruit has large scales on its red skin, red ping or white flesh with small edible black seeds. Some varieties have yellow skin and white flesh. (more…)

Omega 3 and Vegetarian diet – sources of omega 3 for vegetarians

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There are many vegetarians who worry about their sources of Omega 3. Does a vegetarian get enough omega 3 from his normal diet. Vegetarian diets supply a plant form of omega 3 fats, called alpha-linolenic acid, found in fax and hempseeds, wallnuts, sesame and canola oils, and soy. small amount of omega 3 is available in green leafy vegetables. But plant sources lack eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docasahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3 which is found in fish is needed for brain development and are good for your heart. Researches have shown that the body converts only very small amounts of ALA  compared to EPA and DHA. (more…)

Health benefits of Cranberry juice, Importance of Cranberries

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There are lots of research going on to find out the importance of cranberries. Cranberries are more healthier when it is taken in the form of juice. Cranberry juice is used to treat urinary track infection in older days. Studies have proved that 250 ml to 400 ml of cranberry juice can prevent you from urinary track infection. (more…)

Do vegetarians get enough protein and minerals – sources of protein and minerals

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This is a very genuine concern which has been heard from many vegetarians. The fact is Vegetarians typically consumes less protein than meat eaters but can still easily meet their needs. Beans and peas are top top sources of protein, but grains, nuts and vegetables all provide some sort of protein in moderate amount. Meat substitutes, such as veggie burgers and soy crumbles, provide about as much protein as meat. If you choose a variety of foods especially if you eat some low fat dairy and eggs you should get all the protein you need. (more…)

Health benefits of being vegetarian – advantages of vegetarian

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If you ask majority of the guys  what he want for dinner and it is very likely to get the answer as chicken, fish or any non veg food. It is true that red meat is a good source of iron and protein and that beans can trigger intestinal gas, but if we look behind the cultural sterotypes and nutritional sound bits, a very different picture emerges. When it comes to health, red meat is over sold and beans are undervalued. But the fact is that being a vegetarian has both environmental advantages and health benefits. You may shun meat for animal welfare or religious reasons. (more…)