Chronic fatigue – facts and remedies

June 30th, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | Posted under General, Wellness.

If you are feeling very tired all the time, then it is time to re-visit your lifestyle. There are many reasons for chronic fatigue. It could be lack of sleep, heat, busy schedule , low grade anemia etc. If you tried to change the lifestyle and still you feel tired then you may need to consult a doctor  and test for medical causes such as anemia, abnormal low or high thyroid issues etc.

How to get rid of chronic fatigue

Go to sleep at right time and wake up same time every day. When you establish a regular sleeping pattern it helps your body in many ways such as cell regeneration hormone production, brain wave activity and many more. Create a quite and peaceful sleeping environment, remove TV from your bedroom.

Get a normal workout of atleast 30 minutes. Take a nice bath before sleep, when your body cools down you get a good sleep.

Never skip your breakfast an early morning meal of carbs and protein boosts metabolism and replenishes energy.

Drink about eight glasses of water a day, especially after you exercise and if you take diuretics for high blood pressure. Avoid alcohol at least four hours before bedtime.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. But complex carbs like whole wheat pasta and bread, brown rice and starchy vegetables like potatoes, squash and carrots are good to include in lunch. These foods are high in fibre and slows down the the rate at which the body absorbs them. This gives a study release of energy.

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