Dental hygiene tips – keep away bad breath

June 28th, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | Posted under General.

You can prevent your mouth from becoming a breeding ground for million bacteria and the health problems which may occur due to that. Here are the working oral health habits which you can follow on your daily routine. This brings in good health and smile on your face.

Brush your teeth twice daily using correct technique. Place the bristles at 45 degree along your gum line and brush using a vibrating back forth movement for complete cleaning. For easier access to the back teeth, open your mouth slightly. don’t your forearm power. do your brushing gently.

Use a brush or scraper to clean out your tongue, this help you to bring in good breath and smell better.

Follow up your brushing with a antimicrobial mouth rinse to eliminate any germs residing in areas where the brush couldn’t reach. some mouth washes contains alcohol which may dries your gums and reduces saliva flow which causes germs to mulitply.

Use floss atleast a day to get rid of plaque buildup in the tight spaces between your teeth and in gum pockets. toothbreash can only reach to a certain extent even if you brush very carefully.

Include a fibre rich diet , crunchy fruit and veggies which will keep your teath clean. Avoid sticky and sugary foods which is harmful for your gums and teeth. Sugar cane is a best way to clean your teeth.

Visit your dentist every 6 months for a professional cleaning and to have yoru mouth examined so that you can keep any any problems which may get worst.

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