How to fight stress with breathing good and change in life styles

July 9th, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | Posted under Alternative treatment, Home Remedies.

Fighting stress is now a inevitable part of our life. There are always stress attached to our life. A man become successful when he manages the stress properly. Identify what is causing stress on you. Try to fight against it. Here are the few simple methods to handle stress.

Breath deep: Take long deep breaths regularly to get rid of stress. Shallow breath would cause you more stress with less oxegen.

Practice Yoga: Attend yoga classes on a regular basis and this would help you to manage stress. In yoga you will learn few scientific methods to fight stress.

Meditate: Meditation should be developed as a habit in you. Many of us under estimate the power of meditation.

Get organized : Keep an appointment diary with you. Get your task noted in it and try to finish it in time. Always try to be organized . It could be a difficult task for few weeks but later it becomes part of your life.

Listen Music : Music is a magic medicine to manage stress. Classical music or any light music could help you in this.

Spa treatment : Spa treatment can also be a good idea to manage stress.

If one can calmly plan out what need to be done, prioritize what needs to happen first, second and third, plan an approach to accomplish and then go towards achieving them, the stress response or stress reactions such as shallow breathing, tightness of muscles, irritability, forgetfulness, secretion of stress hormones, the body’s reaction to stress will all taper down and the effect on the body and its physiology will not be so telling.

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