Importance of Barley, Health benefits of Barley, Protein and fibre content food

March 20th, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | Posted under Recipe, Wellness.

Barley is on par with oats as a great source of fibre and is also a good source of protein and B vitamins. Its rich in tocotrienols, a powerful antioxidants found in vitamin E that help prevent heart disease and cancer. Barley also high in beta glucan, a cholesterol clobbering soluble fibre. Whole hulled barley is the least processed type of barley, but it also takes a lot more time to cook and may be some what coarse to the palate.

importance of barley

Pearl barley is the most processed form of barley with reduced B vitamin content, but is still a great source of fibre and is much quicker cooking. BArley flakes, which can be made from whole hulled or pearl barley, are crushed barley and can be used just as you might use oatmeal. A half cup serving of pearl barley provides protein of 1.77 gram; fibre of 3 gram. Besides soups and stews, you can toss a handfuls of cooked pearl barley into salads and vegitables stir fries .

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