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Winter tips for Hair, Skin, Hand, leg and nails, Natural

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Before the winter winds can work havoc with your hair, expose your hair to deep conditioning. Since the cold weather causes to dry your hair, massage your hair in aloe Vera juice for a few minutes. This will restore its softness. Avoid exposing your hair to frequent coloring, streaking, or ironing as they can rob your hair off its moisture and it is advisable to avoid heating appliances on your hair. Read More

Advantages and disadvantages of vinegar on hair, vinegar on hair for shinny and silky hair

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Hair loss is one of the main concerns of majority people across the globe. In fact lot of us spend huge amount on various products and treatments for regaining lost hair. Sometimes this results in other side effects and finally all your money goes in vain. The main reason behind hair loss is pollution and lot of stress in both work and personal life. Vinegar helps in making your hair silky and shinny. Read More

Diets for improving semen quantity and quality, Natural ways to increase sperms

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Lot of studies are going around to understand which are the food groups which would help to improve the semen quality and quantity. The study evaluated foods rather than individual nutrients, but it seems likely that the men with better sperm had a higher intake of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins including antioxidants but a lower intake of protein and fat. Read More

Importance of HDL, natural ways to increase good cholesterol, health benefits of good cholesterol , HDL

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High density lipoproteins aka HDL protects the heart and arteries by removing cholesterol lodged in artery walls and riding through the bloodstream inside of low density lipoproteins – LDL. Hear is a novel way to improve HDL cholesterol. Read More

Myopia reasons, remedy for myopia, studies about myopia, natural cure, bifocal helps myopia control

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Recent studies suggests that if children wore bifocal spectacles  , they had a 58 % slower rate of progression of myopia compared with children who wore traditional glasses with regular lenses that is corrected for myopia or nearsightedness.Eye care professionals most commonly correct myopia through the use of corrective lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. Read More

A pacemaker to lower blood pressure, price of Rheos device.

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For some people with hypertension, exercise,diet aren’t enough to bring bloodpressure under control.Researchers are testing a device that’s designed to put blood pressure back on track and cut down on the need for pills. A pacemaker like device called the Rheos system offer extra help for fighting hypertension.This device is about the size of an iPod and is implanted below the collar bone along with two thin electrode wires.Electrical pulses are sent to baroreceptors which send a signal to the brain, which is interpreted as a rise in blood pressure. Read More

Staircase exercise benefits, howto, burn calories, disadvantages, types of staircase exercise

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How many of us know that you don’t need expensive exercise equipments to burn your calories but just a staircase is needed. You can easily burn more than 150 calories by using staircase. If you want to burn more, you may just need to use your dumbbells along with staircase. Read More

Importance of including Fish in your diet, fish remedy for hearing problems, folate and hearing loss remedy

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You may need more floate and fish to help hearing loss. It is the latest finding from the study from Blue mountains hearing study, which suggest ways nutrition might protect against the most common sensory disorder effecting millions of adults. the research on folate published in Journal for nutrition says to small but growing body of evidence linking low blood levels of B vitamins notably folate, to risk of age-related hearing loss. A group of researchers compared blood levels of folate, vitamin B12 and the amino acid homocysteine to incidence of hearing loss among 3k people ages 50 and above. Read More

Importance of wine, Health benefits of wine, increase HDL with wine

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You might be knowing the multiple health benefits of drinking wine. A daily glass or two of wine helps boost HDL cholesterol(good cholesterol). It also offers anti clotting properties and keeps the arteries supple. Other research has shown that wine reduces oxidation and reduce artery damaging effects. De alcoholized red wine increases nitric oxide which improves blood vessel functioning. Research indicates wine can also keep your brain sharp. Read More

Importance of Grape seed, health benefits of grape seed oil and grape seed extract

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Grape seed is wealthy in flavonoids, phytochemicals which have antioxidant properties.Antioxidants are considered to stop and handle quite a few ailments by protecting cells in opposition to the ravages of unstable oxygen molecules, i.e. the free of charge radicals. Grape seed’s anti-oxidative actions are significantly more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E and may possibly entail radical scavenging, quenching, and enzyme-inhibiting actions. Read More