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Health benefits of being vegetarian – advantages of vegetarian

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If you ask majority of the guys  what he want for dinner and it is very likely to get the answer as chicken, fish or any non veg food. It is true that red meat is a good source of iron and protein and that beans can trigger intestinal gas, but if we look behind the cultural sterotypes and nutritional sound bits, a very different picture emerges. When it comes to health, red meat is over sold and beans are undervalued. But the fact is that being a vegetarian has both environmental advantages and health benefits. You may shun meat for animal welfare or religious reasons. Read More

olive oil for skin and acne – health benefits and importance

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Olive Oil is one magical vegetable oil avail on eath but it is under used due to its high price, but when you consider the health benefits of Olive oil you would include this in your daily diet. Olive oil is very important for your beauty care routine, as it gives your skin a natural glow and it also fight against aging. Read More

Cardiovascular exercise tips – workout and tips to control your weight.

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Many of us are mistaken cardiovascular exercise as which can only be done in a Gym, but in real like cardiovascular exercise can be done from anywhere, any time. It is good to have a regular habit of doing cardiovascular exercise. I am also giving you some tips for this. Read More

Pumkin seeds health benefits and importance

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Pumkin seed is one of the vegetable which is been rarely used , but it is having a lots of health benefits which are uncovered and unknown by many of us. When you realize the health benefits of pumkin seeks you probably may not throw it away but  you may buy it from shops. Pumkin seeds can be made ready to eat by just drying it in Sun shade and remove the outer cover. It can also be stored after drying it under sun. Pumkin seeds would remain without any problem for 3-6 months. Read More

Aspirin Advantages, Medical benefits of small aspirin doses

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Aspirin continues to be known as the miracle drug, also it remains the most famous and many broadly used drug int he world. Still you can easily take aspirin as a given. Its what our old generation  required once they were built with a discomfort or fever, but just about everyone has gone to live in other discomfort remedies. An incredible number of healthy people take low dose aspirin to assist prevent cardiac arrest  but this benefit seems to become small than once thought, especially when in comparison towards the effect of statins. Researchers haven’t determined all of the complex effects that aspirin is wearing body. Read More

HDL cholesterol and Memory loss – Ways to boost HDL cholesterol

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Healthy levels of High-density lipoprotein (HDL) blood cholesterol also is known as good ldl cholesterol may reduce the chance of memory loss and Aizheimer’s illness. A study in the neurology division found that people over Sixty five with high HDL levels over 55 mg/dl were Sixty percent less likely to develop Aizheimer’s throughout the next decade. HDL may prevent the formation of oral plaque buildup in the brain this may be the reason. Read More

Health hazards of sitting job – desk job health problems and risk

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It’s been debated many occasions whether desk jobs cause any health issues, you will find plenty of studies happening within this matter. Many reviews have says desk jobs cause hazards for your health. Even so it is sometimes tough to follow advice to do more exercise. It requires effort to visit a fitness center and are looking for time for the morning walk. But accumulating evidence indicates that simply striving to sit down less, alone could be nearly as advantageous as growing activity time. Read More

Harmful effects of air fresheners

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It is advised not using air fresheners, since they emit potentially harmful volatile chemicals, such as pinene and limonene, but don’t assume that green ones are any safer. Researchers from the university of Washington  tested eight popular air fresheners out that it six of them claim to be green and organic or contain essential oils. All the products whether sold as sprays, gels, solids or discs were found to release at least one chemical classified as toxic or hazardous and some emitted as many as eight. Moreover, some green claimed products emitted chemicals listed as probable carcinogens by the EPA for which there are no safe exposure levels. Read More

Alcohol consumption and health benefits – recommended amount of beer

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Although most of the research has been done on red wine. It is now an accepted fact that any alcohol, in moderation, is beneficial to the heart and that includes beer. The question is whether you can always stick to the recommended amount, which is one mug a day. Most beer drinkers consume much more than that. So any cardio protective qualities beer offers will disappear as the calories mount up. Researchers in Brazil tested a group of 1,200 elderly adults for a variety of age-related mental disorders, comparing the findings against the alcohol use of the participants. Read More

Reiki Attunement experience – Reiki user experience

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Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki  master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki channel. the Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies and channeled into the student through the master. The process is guided by he Rei or god-consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the need of individual student. The attunement is also attended by Reiki gudies and other spiritual people who help  to implement the process. Read More