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What is Vitamin , side effect of vitamin, types of vitamin

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fruitsVitamin is an organic compound needed by all living beings in a small quantity, this is essential for all living beings to function properly and grow. Human beings don’t have a capability to manufacture or synthesize vitamins by its own. So vitamins has to be taken in as part of diet or man-made dietary supplement. Read More

Wash hands and be healthy – protect from virus infection

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Global Hygiene Council has revealed an interesting fact that only 42 % people in India believe that hand washing is the most effective way to prevent spread of virus. This is very relevant at the time of Swine flu threat. Washing hands properly can be considered as first line of defense against flu and infections through virus.Dr. Narendra Saini also demonstrated how to wash hands. Read More

Natural ways to cure Asthma

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asthma-cureAsthma is a chronic disease. The main symptoms are coughing, difficulty in breathing and wheezing. Most patients are children.Asthma occurs when the airway is excited by certain factors which leads to its contraction thus causing difficulty in breathing. There are different types of inhaler in the market which helps patients recover from asthma attack. These inhalers causes the airway to dilate and the breathing passage to open. Read More