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Does Powdered milk contain oxidized cholesterol?

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You might have noticed browning of apple slice or a potato when it is exposed to air for sometime.This is because of the oxidation which is a chemical reaction that occurs in the presence of oxygen.Similarly oxidized cholesterol called oxysterols or cholesterol oxidation products-COPs is harmful to our body. It is advertised in many places about the dangers of oxidized cholesterol in food. Read More

Health benefits of Orange Juice – beauty tips , Importance

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Orange juice is the one of the main ingredient for most of the beauty products for your skin. Most of the cosmetic companies make use of orange extract. Orange can refresh tired eyes smooth skin and may help you in preventing  wrinkles over time. Orange’s zingy aroma can pep you up too. Orange juice has many nutrients and minerals in it. This result in improving your immune system. It contains folate which helps to increase growth of skin cells and blood cells. It also helps to lower the inflammation that is related to heart disease. Read More

Bumps in eyelids , symptoms of cholesterol, heart disease

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If you are seeing bumps in your eye lids, it is time to check your cholesterol before you go to your dermatologist to get them removed. These kind of bumps in your eyelids could be deposits of additional fats which is known as xanthelasmata.  It is popularly believed that eyes are windows to your heart. Read More

Health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for your teeth and gum

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The omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that protect our heart is also proved to be good for our teeth and gums. A new study reports that relatively modest amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet associated with significant decrease in risk of gum disease. Read More

Cholera Prevention tips, How to avoid Gastroenteritis , Dos and Don’ts

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Gastroenteritis or Cholera occurs once or twice in a year  and is likely to increase during the summer. The general public have been advised to take the following precautionary measure to avoid it from spreading.  Cholera is a contagious disease and can be prevented by precautionary measures mentioned. If symptoms of Gastroenteritis such as vomiting and diarrhea are found contact your nearest hospital. Read More

Health Benefits of Coffee , Importance of coffee for your health

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Coffee is a popular drink among many people around the world. These are some health benefits for those who drink coffee regularly.  Many of us consider coffee as a non-healthy drink but see some of the health benefits which coffee can give to you. Read More

Health benefits and importance of Milk – Beauty tips with Milk

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We all know that Milk is a complete diet which is high in calcium and vitamin D and it fights puffy eyes and dry skin.Milk is proved a complete food from latest scientific researchers. All the important elements that are needed for body are in Milk. Milk has hundreds of benefits to our bodies, Health and Mind. Specially the milk of Cow and Goat has many benefits. The milk of cow keeps the stomach system of old people and kids strong. Read More

How to get rid of seasonal allergy symptoms

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When rainy season starts seasonal allergy also will follow you, there are many tips to keep them away from you. Nasal congestion is one of the symptom of seasonal allergy, but remember that nasal passages close and pen up to some degree periodically, sometimes more on one side. In many people  the congestion actually switches from side to side every half hour to every three hours. Left handed people tend to have greater airflow in the left nostril. Read More

Home remedies for sinusitis, tips to ease the symptoms of sinusitis

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Sinusitis which is also known as Rhinosinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal passages.Sinusitis can be caused by infection or  allergy . Here are some tips to ease the symptoms of  sinusitis. Sinus microbe infections are a single from the most widespread microbe infections across the world. Sinus attacks are caused by an infection from the sinuses or cavities that are present inside the bones near the nose. Read More

Nutritional importance and Health benefits of Garlic shoots

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Garlic shoots are easily identified by their creamy pointed tips and curling green stems, garlic scapes or shoots are a verdant delicacy sold at many green grocers. Two main types of garlic, hard neck and soft neck are cultivated today, but only hardneck garlics send up long shoots in the spring. Read More