Ways to make your bedroom attractive and seductive

August 2nd, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | 1 Comment | Filed in Beauty Tips, Wellness

Arranging your house and making it attractive is an art by itself. There are many ways to do it. Here are the few tips to make your room beautiful and seductive. (more…)

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Feng Shui tips for good luck , feng shui 2010 bedroom tricks to remove negative energy

May 30th, 2010 by Dr. Subba Rao | No Comments | Filed in General

When you go to some houses , did you really feel an energy or happiness. This really is simply because with the equilibrium of positive and negative power within your house. This energy could be controlled by various methods. Are you conscious that every and every and each and every object in this world create an power. Even if it’s a residing getting or an non residing object , they create various levels of power. Let us discuss couple of of these easy tricks which will balance the power degree inside your house. (more…)

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