Bumps in eyelids , symptoms of cholesterol, heart disease

May 16th, 2011 by Dr. Subba Rao | No Comments | Filed in Wellness

If you are seeing bumps in your eye lids, it is time to check your cholesterol before you go to your dermatologist to get them removed. These kind of bumps in your eyelids could be deposits of additional fats which is known as xanthelasmata.  It is popularly believed that eyes are windows to your heart. (more…)

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High Cholesterol and Self Testing methods – natural cure for cholesterol- normal values

April 22nd, 2010 by Dr. Subba Rao | No Comments | Filed in Wellness

Did you know that high cholesterol is a dangerous trouble that is usual in America,  You will find out that it is because Americans does not know how to eat properly.Self testing cholesterol is very important to control it. You will see that high cholesterol is part of a dangerous epidemic, but it is also killing people because it will get you to have a heart attack or stroke. Once you turn 18 years of age, you should go to the doctor on a regular basis to get your cholesterol checked out. (more…)

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