Importance of Ginger and its medicinal values – Home remedies

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gingerGinger is used as medicine in India , China and Arabic countries. Ginger is tangled and thick underground stem and plant may may grow upto twelve inches above the sand.Ginger is used to make volatile oil, it is used in dry form also. Ginger is commonly used as a home remedy for stomach upset.Several health specialists suggest ginger as a remedy for motion sickness. Pregnancy related nausea and vomiting are effectively treated with ginger. (more…)

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Home Remedies For Indigestion – Prevention & Causes Of Indigestion

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indigestion remediesIndigestion is one of the common problem for all, It is otherwise called as stomach upset. It usually happens when you eat food in hurry or over intake of food. When you have indigestion , digestive acids will be over produced and can cause heart burn. Stress, smoking,use of alcohol , unhealthy eating habits are the common cause of indigestion.Following are the few home remedies for indigestion. (more…)

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