Facts about conjunctivitis – types of conjunctivitis, causes, remedy

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The most frequent cause of conjunctivitis is bacteria which spread easily from hand kerchief, towel, tissues, wet hands, etc. and thereafter get transferred from one person to another, or one eye to another, whenever these objects are handled. (more…)

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Cyber bullying, reasons, remedy, symptoms of bullying, bullying your child, teen bullying

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Cyber bullying occurs when a child or teen is repeatedly insulted , tormented or humiliated by a peer using cell phone calls, text messages, email, images, instant messages, websites and blogs or any type of digital technology. Currently cyber bullying is not strictly viewed as sexual harassment as it does not involve predators. However you can sue for slander if you know the pertetrator’s identity. (more…)

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Eye Puffiness cause, cure, black color around eyes remedy, black circle near eyes natural cure

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Eye puffiness is a type of fluid build-up in the tissues around your eyes. So, the steps taken to reduce puffiness are similar to those taken to reduce any kind of swelling. (more…)

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Sore Throat reason, remedy, Home treatment with Natural medicine and ayurveda treatment

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A “sore” throat is discomfort, pain, or scratchiness in the throat. A sore throat often makes it painful to swallow.Sore throats are common, especially in children. Most of the time the soreness is worse in the morning and improves as the day progresses. A sore throat is commonly spread by: sharing drinks, kissing, coughing, nose blowing, and sneezing, Common causes of Sore throat are Bacterial infection, viruses, Tonsilitis, Glandular fever (more…)

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Treat your anxiety disorder with Benzos – side effects of Benzos

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Anxiety disorders like social phobia and panic condition could be treated having a number of medications. One such class of these medications is benzodiazepines, known as benzos for shorts. It is essential, whatever your medical condition, to realize how your medications work. This will assist you stay in control of your treatment and your life. Therefore, if you’ve anxiety disorders, you ought to realize how benzos work so that you can make the best healthcare options for yourself. (more…)

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