Tips for Running: A Guide for running Beginners , running tricks

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Tips for Running: A Guide for Beginners

Have you decided running regularly as a form of practical workout for your weight loss or physical training activity? You are on the right track. Running is truly a good and practical activity that could provide your body with an ideal cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. Running could make you sweat profusely, a sign that your body is metabolizing faster and burning up excessive stored fats. But you should not just run. You have to do it right and do it safely. If you are beginner, here are several useful tips to serve as your guide. (more…)

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Breathing Techniques In Running – run effectively to reduce weight

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Breathing Techniques In Running

One of the more important aspects of running is the proper way of breathing. Running is not just about the legs and thighs and feet. It is also about the lungs and how to bring greater amounts of oxygen into the system efficiently.

Unnoticed by many, even by the athletes themselves sometimes, the nature of your breathing during your running affects your performance. Those runners who can correctly deliver oxygen into their system are stronger than their counterparts who struggle when they are running because they do not know the technique. (more…)

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