Guide for healthy sleep and its importance and side effects

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sleepSleep was considered as just a time where you are not awake, but detailed study about sleep had found that it is much beyond that, Sleep have different levels and stage, during the sleeping process many vital tasks are carried out on our body. At some stage of sleep we gets re-energize and at some other stage our body is rebuild to maintain good health. Another important question about sleep is how much do you need to sleep? Answer depends on your age, for an adult you need 7-8 hrs of sleep , if you are a child or teenager then you need 9 hrs of sleep where as a babies require 12-18 hrs of sleep. (more…)

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Why should you sleep well, side effects of sleeping less

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sleepSleeping helps you to rejuvenate and refresh, but how much you need to sleep and what are the side effects of sleeping less are discussed here. Along with exercise and healthy food and lifestyle sleep is also very important to keep you fit. (more…)

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