About history of music therapy , music therapy treatment for stress and tension

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music therapyThe National Association for Music Treatment in 1950 was formed and it brought music therapy in the world of professionalism. This was the root for the music treatment discovery. Using tunes like a cure for a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been utilized for centuries. Nevertheless it was never referred to a professional science. Even though everyone doesn’t consider it to become, music therapy  treatment will make up a substantial part of alternative therapy medicine. (more…)

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6 tips to reduce , prevent and manage stress

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stressStress is a part of our daily life, It cannot be avoided in this current busy world but we should learn how to manage our stress in a healty way. Otherwise stress your eat your health. There are many scientific ways to handle stress like Yoga which need dedication and time. Here are the few very few simple tips to reduce stress and mange it in a healthy way. (more…)

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