Acid reflux , symptoms, cure, GERD cure at home

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Acid reflux is also known as the Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and is a chronic disease that affects the esophagus. It is caused by an upsurge of stomach liquids that include pepsin, acid and bile to the esophagus thus inflaming it. The most common symptom with this condition is a persistent heartburn. This condition is more prominent when people are sleeping since the gravity is destroyed. Attacks are rare during the day since people are seated or walking upright and the liquids do not get a chance to flow up to the oesophagus. (more…)

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Baby Teething, Baby teething chart, symptoms, remedies, fever, Infant teething problems

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Usually, the actual very first teeth looks in the course of the particular sixth calendar month, despite the fact that in some instances, it might be noticed as early as inside the third month or as late as around baby’s very first birthday. Teething patterns and symptoms are diverse for every baby. (more…)

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Depression on kids, symptoms, diagnosis and cure for depression

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Depression is defined by the ability to feel better temporarily in response to a positive life event, plus any two of the following criteria: excessive sleep, overeating, a feeling of heaviness in the limbs and a sensitivity to rejection.Childhood depression is a serious problem that demands a serious treatment approach. However, one obstacle to eliminating depression in children is first to recognize it for what it is. Often children’s behavioral problems are only brought to professional attention when they are obvious. (more…)

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Symptoms , remedy for conjunctivitis – natural home remedy for conjunctivitis – dogs cats conjunctivitis treatment

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When infected wth conjunctivitis or pink eye, the membrane that covers the eyeball, gets inflamed along with the inside of the eyelids, it causes the pink eye. This condition proves troublesome because it’s accompanied by the telltale pink eye symptoms of redness, eye pain, dryness, burning, blurred vision and a sticky discharge. The bad news is you can readily get it from others.Keep in mind that conjunctivitis is highly contagious disease. Stop sharing towels, pillows and handkerchiefs. Change your hanky and bedspread frequently. (more…)

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