Health benefits of drinking water , how much quantity and side effect of drinking less water

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Did you ever ask yourself the reason drinking water is good for health? Naturally, everyone knows that water is essential to life and that it can waterhelp the system eliminate poisons But its purpose may appear far more critical and not many are aware of what specifically it does and how.

Water is critical component of the human body. Our muscles are made up of 75 percent water. the brain comprises 90 % and bones 22 percent. As for blood, 83 % is water. Our body is derived from tissue and every cell needs water because water carries oxygen and nutrients to all these cells. Protoplasm, the basic substance of living cells, is made up of fats, carbohydrates , proteins , salts,and similar elements combined with water, Water acts as a solvent, transporting compound and chemically extracting these substances. (more…)

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Which vegetables and fruits should i eat

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vegetablesWhich vegetables or fruits should you eat ,it is always a debatable topic. But as per recent studies ,health benefits of vegetables and fruits includes reduced risk of heart disease, stroke , lower the risk of eye and digestive problems. We should go for a variety of kinds of colors and it gives our body a mix of nutrients it needs.Dark leafy vegies and any dark colored (red, orange,yellow) vegetables and fruits should be your first choice. (more…)

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