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Ways to make your bedroom attractive and seductive

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Arranging your house and making it attractive is an art by itself. There are many ways to do it. Here are the few tips to make your room beautiful and seductive. Read More

Beauty Tips of Men – maintain your youth.

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There are very simple things which can be taken care by every men to keep their youth for very long time. These are the simple tips to keep you handsome. Read More

Common symptoms and its causes – Health guide

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Our body is a wonderful instrument which has the ability to heal itself and give signals to you if you need to take any action. If you listen to those signals we can solve many of our health problems. These signals are called as symptoms. Since we are so careless we tend to ignore these symptoms and get in bigger trouble. It is always better to take a preventive measure, may be by going to your doctor or so. Lets move on. Read More

How to motivate yourselves for better and consistent workout and exercise

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Lack of motivation is a big problem with everyone who start with their exercise regime. We start with a grant style but later on we drop out due to lack of interest or motivation. There are many ways to motivate yourselves to continue your exercise or workout in gym. You may tend to give excuses such as ‘to busy’, ‘no time’, ’so tiring’. We need to overcome these till it become a part of our habit. Read More

How to fight stress with breathing good and change in life styles

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Fighting stress is now a inevitable part of our life. There are always stress attached to our life. A man become successful when he manages the stress properly. Identify what is causing stress on you. Try to fight against it. Here are the few simple methods to handle stress. Read More

Herbal remedies for Migraines – Butterbur health benefits

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Migraines are one of the bad health condition which irritates you with severe pain. If you are suffering from migraine headaches you may be still searching for an effective treatment or better searching for a preventive. Conventional medicines often fail to relieve the debilitating pain or head off new attacks, and many people turn to alternative complementary practices which includes herbal remedies. One herb that has some research results is butterbur root. a shrub like plant in the daisy family, native to Europe , north Africa and south west Asia. Read More

How to manage your hunger with green tea and water

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Researchers have found that sipping green tea along with your meals gives you a good full feel. It helps you to eat less. Same is the case with drinking water before the meals. A group of researchers who compared the post-meal affects of green tea with plan water. Read More

5 tips to make a healthy fruit juice

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We all love to drink juice. But I am not sure whether many of us know how to make a healthy fruit juice. Many of us guess that fruit juice is always healthy. In this days fruits are also exposed to contamination. There are many small such thinks which will help you to make a healthy fruit juice. Read More

Chronic fatigue – facts and remedies

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If you are feeling very tired all the time, then it is time to re-visit your lifestyle. There are many reasons for chronic fatigue. It could be lack of sleep, heat, busy schedule , low grade anemia etc. If you tried to change the lifestyle and still you feel tired then you may need to consult a doctor  and test for medical causes such as anemia, abnormal low or high thyroid issues etc. Read More

Dental hygiene tips – keep away bad breath

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You can prevent your mouth from becoming a breeding ground for million bacteria and the health problems which may occur due to that. Here are the working oral health habits which you can follow on your daily routine. This brings in good health and smile on your face. Read More